Attention Prospective Home Buyers…

  What If The “Beautiful” Home You’re About To Buy Turns Out To Be A Lemon

 If you’re thinking of buying a house, Ace Property Inspections can help remove the risk by making sure it’s structurally sound and free of major defects…

Dear Home Buyer,

Imagine buying the home only to discover that the foundation has shifted, the roof is warped, or the framing has rotted from water damage.

Any of those serious problems – and more – can occur.

That’s why you should NEVER buy a home without having a thorough inspection performed. Think of it as a form of “insurance” that helps minimize your risk.

Of course, maybe you think that sort of thing won’t happen to you.

And maybe it won’t.

But… what if it DOES?

The thing is…

Nobody Cares About You And Your Money As Much As YOU Do…

When you buy a house, there’s no one looking out for YOUR best interests…

* The realtor isn’t… they just want to make a sale and earn their commission.

* The bankers aren’t… they just want to make a profit by lending you money.

* And the seller certainly is not… they’re just trying to make the sale and get your money.

So unless YOU hire a professional who will act in YOUR best interests… you’re essentially on your own.

You see… hoping for the best (or relying on those who may have an ulterior motive) isn’t a viable strategy. Especially when there’s a HUGE amount of money on the line.

That’s why you MUST protect yourself when purchasing a home (which is potentially the largest purchase you’ll make in your life).

Without an experienced and knowledgeable inspector on your side, you’re putting yourself in an extremely vulnerable position. You could easily fall victim to a house that has been “fixed up” for a quick sale… it happens ALL THE TIME.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Our in-depth inspections look past mere cosmetic improvements (such as a new coat of paint or a shiny new mail box) because we know it’s the structure and underlying systems that really matter.

Having a professional inspection is ESSENTIAL. It will help give you the PEACE OF MIND to confidently make an informed buying decision.

In short…

We’re on YOUR TEAM! We want to help you find the home of your dreams.

Why We’re The Better,More Reliable Choice…

When you’re about to pay many thousands of dollars for a house, you can’t afford to overlook any problems. That’s why an inspection is CRITICAL.

So it’s EXTREMELY important to choose an inspection company you can rely on.

When you choose us, you’ll be getting a company that is…

* Professional

* Knowledgeable

* Licensed

* Fully Insured

* Detail Oriented

We provide GREAT customer service. In fact, we deliver the kind of service we would want if we were the customer. That’s because we’re “fussy” about getting things right and being ACCURATE.

My name is Darren Beecham. As the owner of Ace Property Inspections, I have 26 years of experience in the building industry… and nobody knows homes and home construction better than someone who has been involved in the construction industry.

Furthermore, at API, we NEVER outsource inspection work. That means an experienced professional will perform your inspection — NOT a third-party low bidder.

It’s serious and important work; there’s no place for amateurs when LARGE amounts of money are at stake.

Our goal is to make sure your dream of home ownership doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

When you choose us, I’m confident you’ll be very pleased with our service.

Have Questions? No Problem…We’re On Your Side!

When you hire API to do your home inspection, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your home inspection and the report you’ll receive.

We want you to know that WE’RE ON YOUR SIDE and have your best interests at heart.

That’s why…

1) We DO NOT work for real estate agents. We want to make sure there is NO conflict of interest.

2) We NEVER take kickbacks. As a result, we can remain COMPLETELY OBJECTIVE.

In short, you can trust Ace Property Inspections.

Here’s A Quick “Overview” Of What We’ll Inspect…

API will perform a COMPREHENSIVE inspection of the following:

* The interior and exterior of the house

* Roof space as well as the exterior roof

* Under-floor (“crawl”) spaces (if applicable and accessible)

* The property surrounding the home (within ~30 meters)

* Garage, carport, and garden sheds

* Laundry, bath, and toilet facilities

* Plumbing and water pressure

* Exposed electrical wiring

* Retaining walls

* Stairways

* Fencing and gates

* Surface water drainage and run-off

* Walkways, paths, and driveways

* And other key features of the home…

We’ll Help You Avoid Serious Problems…

Our inspection will help spot any existing problems with the important “systems” of the home.

For example, it’s not uncommon for us to uncover SERIOUS problems such as:

* Water leaks, damage, or dampness (from the roof, foundation, or plumbing).

* Drainage issues or water dampness/damage (from a leaking roof, plumbing, or drains).

* Structural and timber framing problems with the foundation, footings, roof, and walls.

* Potential safety issues such as weakened/collapsing structures, mold, electrical problems, and fire hazards.

But these are just a few of the numerous problems that can occur with homes!

With us on your team, you can focus on shopping for the home of your dreams… and know that we’ll do the hard work of helping you make sure it doesn’t turn sour.

For example, consider the following question…

What happens if you decide to go it alone, take your chances without a proper inspection… and end up buying a “lemon”?

Let’s say there’s a roof defect. If you’re lucky, it might just be a minor problem (although it could still end up costing you thousands of dollars to fix).

However, what if you’re NOT so lucky and the roof is beginning to sag from water damage (a serious and costly structural defect) but no one spots it.

What then?!

The answer is that you may be faced with the prospect of filing a lawsuit, paying high legal bills, and dealing with the seemingly endless stress and hassle it can cause you.

Can you see why an inspection isn’t optional — it’s VITAL?

The smart approach, therefore, is to have an expert on your side. And that’s where we can help.

With us in your corner, you’ll have all the INFORMATION you need to make a GOOD, SAFE DECISION.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Why can’t I do an inspection by myself?

You could… but unless you’re highly experienced and knowledgeable about home construction and the types of problems that can occur, you’re liable to MISS SOMETHING.

That’s a risk most people simply cannot afford to take. Frankly, our inspection fee is extremely modest when weighed against the risk of buying a home with a major structural problem.

Our job is to help remove the risk and hassle so you can be confident your new home will be safe and sound.


Question: Why should I choose you over all the other home inspectors?

When you choose us, you’ll get a PROFESSIONAL inspection.

We inspect the home as if it was going to be our own. That means no corners are cut… and nothing is glossed over.

We care about delivering the best service possible. Again, we’re reliable, knowledgeable, insured, licensed… and rather fussy about doing the job right. We’re sticklers for detail.

For a home to pass our inspection, it will need to be structurally sound and free of serious defects.

You’ll be glad you hired us!


Question: I need my inspection report QUICKLY — can you help?

Yes. Our inspections and reports are HIGHLY ACCURATE… and we deliver your results FAST. We’ll typically deliver your report within 12 hours of the inspection.

But, even though we’ll deliver your report quickly, that doesn’t means we’ll skimp on its preparation — we won’t. After a thorough inspection, we’ll send you our report via e-mail in Adobe PDF format.

Your report will be easy-to-understand, detailed, complete, accurate, and include digital photographs to document the inspection and back up our findings.

In a nutshell… yes, we’re FAST — but we’re also extremely good.

Schedule Your Inspection…Contact Us Today!

A complete home building inspection is just $450. Yes, some of our competitors charge a few dollars less, but our attention to detail and knowledge make us the BEST and safest choice.

With a LARGE sum of money at stake… a cheap, inferior inspection isn’t a bargain at any price. What you NEED is an accurate and reliable inspection performed by an expert. And that’s exactly what we provide.

But it doesn’t end there…

To give you MAXIMUM value, we also provide a unique GUARANTEE: If you hire us to do a pre-purchase inspection and you don’t buy because of a defect we uncovered, we’ll do your NEXT inspection FREE OF CHARGE.

The bottom line is that you MUST safeguard your purchase. After all… what will you do if your dream home ends up being a “money pit”? (By the time the deal is closed — IT WILL BE TOO LATE.)

Don’t risk it… schedule a professional home inspection today. Call us at…

   1300 14 66 99

For The Best In Home Inspections

Darren Beecham


P.S. Let us help remove the risk from the home buying process, so you can safely buy and enjoy the home of your dreams. We’re serious about home inspections. Call Us Today!



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